"The most selective and in-depth coffee curators for wholesale to date."

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 who we are:

Coffeehaus is a consultancy and roasters - providing our clients with the pinnacle of service. We provide entirely complimentary services such as restaurant and bar designs, independent training programs, equipment installation, in-house private label, and just about anything you may ever need. All of this comes together with an emphasis on quality, execution, and cleanliness.


By providing a plethora of microlot & direct trade offerings, we are able to remain transparent with our practices, providing insight into the coffee industry as a whole. This sense of transparency holds coffee roasters accountable - ensuring that the the benefits of these coffees is in the interest of the farmer.


Coffeehaus continues to be the largest cofffee service provider in the city - offering many additional features when compared to a roaster. Coffeehaus has a seasoned team of professionals in plumbing, electric, contracting, and many other facets that join arms in creating a successful business.


1111 bellevue st, 395. detroit, mi 48207