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hundreds of hands work in conjunction to cultivate the coffee we drink; and it is important to recognize the effort our farmers put into their passion. we take this into consideration with each farm, as we focus on providing them with the benefits to continue their work.

guji, ethiopia: in conjunction with other organizations, we have created a fund which sponsors 650 children to attend school on full scholarship - our farm is also 70% women and growing.

chiapas, mexico: directly funding the health benefits of each farmer on location; additionally, their entire families.


together as a community of coffee drinkers, we must gather to embrace the diversity between us - yet the togetherness of our passions. here at coffeehaus, we aim to turn skeptics to enthusiasts and the unknown to the curious.


coffeehaus prides itself in sourcing, roasting, and brewing some of the single-best coffees on the planet. we strive to remain at the forefront of innovation, providing our clients with new and exciting coffees each and every day.


"The most selective and in-depth coffee curators for wholesale to date."